Management Teams

Our success depends on partnering with talented executives to create value in each of our companies and we welcome the opportunity to speak with any individual who has a passion for an industry and a desire to grow a business. Typically we work directly with management teams to facilitate and finance a management buyout of the business that they are operating. We are also experienced in working with teams to buy out divisions and non-core assets from larger corporate entities and establish these as independent companies. When these types of transactions are not available, we have worked with entrepreneurial teams to approach and buy other businesses within their industry domains that may be more receptive to a sale.

We are not operators but we are active investors who bring experience and relationships to help guide the strategic and financial decisions of a business. We bring fresh perspective, broad experience and a vast network of contacts that can help our management teams to expand their networks and make more informed decisions to help grow their businesses. In every investment, we recruit outside directors with relevant operating or industry experience. These individuals not only help the board to make better decisions, but also serve as a resource and sounding board for management teams facing new opportunities or operational issues. While every relationship with management is different, we value open and frequent dialog with all of them.

Our incentives and objectives are uniquely aligned with those of our management teams. We have the luxury of providing very patient capital and are able to choose the optimal time to exit an investment based on a company's performance and our ability to maximize our value in the investment. This provides a much better alignment of interests than if we needed to time liquidity for our own broader fundraising cycle. In every deal each of our partners makes a significant, direct personal equity investment and our monetary success is directly tied to the value creation of the business, just like our managers.

Many of our management teams have partnered with us on multiple transactions which is a testament to the value we bring and the manner in which we operate. We are happy to provide references to any of these repeat entrepreneurs so that managers who are unfamiliar with us can hear firsthand of the experience that others have had.