Investment Profile

Our team has amassed broad experience over the past 25 years investing in a variety of opportunities across a range of industries in ever changing economic cycles. Leveraging this experience, we strive to be innovative, expedient and flexible when assessing investment opportunities.


We have been successful across a wide range of opportunities, including complex situations that present financial, operational, or management challenges.    We have a proven track record of moving quickly to bring a deal to close.  Opportunities we assess include:

  • Management buyouts
  • Underinvested businesses
  • Corporate divestitures of non-core businesses
  • Family businesses
  • Special situations, such as bankruptcy or debt restructuring
  • Financial or operational turnarounds
  • Quick time frame for investment
Company Characteristics

We target businesses with:

  • Recurring revenue streams
  • Established operations
  • Proven management – either existing or new management working with us
  • Positive cash flow or near-term path to profitability
  • Positive industry and market outlook
Sector Focus

Our sector focus converges around businesses with recurring revenue streams in the following areas:

  • Business Services
  • Software/Software-as-a-Service
  • Data and Information Services
  • Communications and Media
  • Industrial Products and Services
While we are active outside of these areas as well, we do not invest in real estate or start-ups. 
Size & Capital Requirement

Our track record proves that we are most successful at the lower end of the middle market and continue to focus on that niche.  Target company and investment size are as follows:

  • Investment of $2m - $20m
  • EBITDA of $1m - $10m
  • Revenue greater than $5m
Ownership We take both control and minority positions in companies.  In both cases, we seek a board seat(s) and governance rights to protect our investment.
Geography United States, Canada, and the Caribbean