Alta Equity Partners Investments




Bayou City Broadcasting

Bayou City Broadcasting operates the CBS and FOX affiliate stations, WEVV, in Evansville, Indiana. BCB was founded by DuJuan McCoy, a veteran broadcaster with over 25 years in the business.


CombineNet Holdings LLC

CombineNet is a software-as-a-service provider operating in the eSourcing marketplace. Founded in 1997 and located in Pittsburgh, PA, CombineNet provides advanced sourcing and optimization solutions for a broad range of procurement applications across strategic spending categories, such as direct and indirect materials, services, and transportation categories. CombineNet's software application provides solutions that optimize sourcing events for companies to quickly and easily achieve cost savings.




Human Movement Management
Human Movement Management is an active entertainment company based in Louisville, Colorado that for the last decade has been producing some of the world's largest running races, beer festivals, triathlons, obstacle races and outdoor events in North America.  The Company currently produces over 100 events annually, reaching over 1 million participants and spectators.  These events include the Dirty Girl Mud Run, The Ugly Sweater Run, The Zombie Run, Rocky Mountain Triathlon, Rocky Point Triathlon, and a series of Oktoberfest festivals across North America.  HMM has been named on Inc. Magazine's 500 fastest growing companies and Outside Magazine's "Best Places to Work".


Reach Analytics LLC
Reach Analytics provides leading edge predictive analytics solutions that drive highly profitable marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 clients.  Reach works with clients to understand their business needs, determine their data resources, integrate the best nationally compiled databases from its proprietary sources, and provide a predictive modeling engine in a highly secure processing environment that enables the clients to deploy optimal marketing solutions.  With over three decades of experience, the team has compiled deep domain expertise in the insurance, financial services, retail, healthcare, and services industries.  The company has offices in Boston, San Francisco and Chicago.



SubContracting Concepts, LLC ("SCI")
Based in Glens Falls, NY, SCI is a contract management services company that provides total risk management solutions for contract issuance and 1099 payroll administration for courier companies and their base of independent contractors through data processing, administrative support, and legal protection. SCI has a driver base of approximately 100,000 contractors, including over 10,000 active contract drivers servicing more than 350 client courier companies in 45 states.



SJL Broadcasting LLC and

SJL Broadcasting operates two ABC affiliate stations - WJRT in Flint, MI and WTVG in Toledo, OH. George Lilly, head of SJL Broadcasting, is a repeat entrepreneur that has partnered in three prior television investments with Alta.





Triple H Food Processors, LLC

Triple H is a leading food processor and co-packer of a wide variety of branded and private label products for food companies, grocery stores and restaurants. Founded in 1976 and based in Riverside, CA, Triple H is a leader in the liquid food products category and currently packages items such as gourmet sauces, fruit juices, nutraceuticals, oils, dressings, syrups, jellies, toppings and teas.



Truist Inc.


Headquartered in Washington DC, Truist is a leading software and service provider of philanthropic solutions that enable corporations and nonprofit organizations to effectively engage their donors and volunteers with a comprehensive line of products and services.  Truist technology adds value by offering a consolidated approach to philanthropic activity while the Truist team helps analyze and drive measurable results that strategically align with business missions.  Customers use Truist solutions to manage giving campaigns and volunteer initiatives, track donations and volunteer hours, ensure charitable contributions are processed and distributed to vetted charities, and foster relationships with their giving community.



Zovy LLC


Headquartered in Waltham, MA, Zovy provides data governance solutions that combine security, privacy and performance to effectively protect and manage enterprise data. Zovy offers an integrated platform for data archiving, email archiving, backup and eDiscovery that enables companies to secure their data, simplify IT strategies, satisfy compliance requirements, and easily manage and search data for business needs. Zovy combines superior customer service with industry expertise to create and implement practical data governance solutions for customers of any size.




Representative Alta Communications Investments

The AEP team has invested in over 70 companies across a variety of industries while at Alta Communications. Below is a list of representative portfolio companies, many of which we are still actively managing. For a more complete list, please visit the Alta Communications website at




AmeriVault Corp.
AmeriVault provided secure automated online data backup, offsite recovery services, email archiving, and data lifecycle solutions. Amerivault was sold to PHNS in May 2008.



BrandMuscle, Inc.

BrandMuscle provides a full service SaaS application with ad builder technology to execute enterprise-wide marketing programs that drive more local revenue and improve marketing results.



CDC Publishing LLC
CDC provides subscription based information services through a proprietary online database of new business opportunities in the commercial construction space that is used by its customers to source additional business leads.



MTPCS Entities (bda Cellular One)
CellularOne operates locally-based and nationally-connected cellular networks in Montana, eastern Texas, western Oklahoma, central Louisiana, and the Gulf of Mexico that service over 140,000 subscribers.



CompareNetworks, Inc
CompareNetworks operates B2B marketplaces that enable professionals to make more informed purchasing decisions and help marketers generate qualified leads and promote their products to targeted audiences in life sciences, medical, dental, laboratory and information management markets.



Healthy Advice Networks Holdings, LLC
Healthy Advice Networks is a leading provider of place-based healthcare education media through advertiser-supported patient education programs in healthcare facilities throughout the U.S. The Company was sold to Catterton Partners in November 2007 but Alta retained a minority ownership.



HMP Communications Holdings, LLC
HMP Communications provides continuing medical education and promotional information to healthcare professionals through a broad portfolio of print properties, live events, and mobile content that is grant-funded or advertiser-driven.



Liberman Broadcasting, Inc.
Liberman Broadcasting owned and operated Hispanic language radio and television stations in Los Angeles, CA, Houston, TX , San Diego, CA and Dallas, TX. Alta exited the investment in early 1998.



Mr Youth Investments LLC / Crowdtap /
Mr. Youth provides a marketing platform (software, services and delivery network) that enables consumer brands to conduct word-of-mouth, social interactive and experiential marketing campaigns using the Company's large network of representatives.

Crowdtap is a SaaS company that provides a social media driven tool for marketers to collaborate with their targeted brand influential consumers to gather real-time research and power word-of-mouth marketing.




NativeX increases revenue, distribution, and engagement for consumer desktop applications, browser add-ons and mobile applications by enabling users to download applications for free while developers receive sustaining revenue with each transaction and advertisers achieve cost-effective user acquisition.



PrairieWave Communications Inc.
PrairieWave Communications provided local and long distance phone services, cable television and high speed Internet access to communities in South Dakota, southwestern Minnesota, and northwestern Iowa. The Company was sold to Knology in April 2007.



Radio One, Inc.
Radio One operates urban formatted radio stations in major markets in the United States. Alta was one of the initial private investors before exiting the investment when the Company went public in 1999.




Telemedia Communications, Inc.

Telemedia was a family-owned company with the largest privately-owned radio broadcasting operations in Canada at the time. Alta exited the Company through two separate transactions in 2002.



W3i Holdings LLC
W3i increases revenue, distribution, and engagement for consumer desktop applications, browser add-ons and mobile applications by enabling users to download applications for free while developers receive sustaining revenue with each transaction and advertisers achieve cost-effective user acquisition.