We work hard to build and maintain the trust of investment bankers, business brokers and other intermediaries as many of our best deals through the years have come through these relationships. We have completed multiple transactions with many of these intermediaries which is a testament to our credibility as a buyer, our ability to move quickly and our consistency of keeping our word throughout a transaction process. We gladly pay buy-side fees for access to companies or relationships that result in transactions. Generally we negotiate these arrangements on a deal-by-deal basis but we are willing to enter into broader agreements when warranted. Since we are willing to do smaller deals than most other private equity firms, we are able to compensate intermediaries who may uncover interesting opportunities that are simply too small, complex or time consuming to justify taking to market through a formal sell-side auction process.

We aggressively participate in sell-side processes and broader auctions when we feel that we have a compelling reason why we can be competitive and win such a process. These tend to be processes that have tight time constraints or deal complexities or challenges that discourage more traditional buyers. For example, we have closed a deal within three weeks of agreeing to a letter of intent and also closed a transaction in which the seller gave us essentially no representations or warranties due to the seller's own unique circumstances.