Business Owners

We have provided the first institutional capital to dozens of family-owned businesses and are intimately familiar with the concerns and challenges that these types of transactions create for owners. Our capital has been used by owners to achieve full liquidity from the outright sale of their businesses, generate partial liquidity through the sale of minority equity stakes, fund acquisitions and help finance internal growth initiatives. As part of these transactions, we have also helped to solve succession issues, supplemented management teams with new leadership and helped to shape the strategic direction of these businesses.

We work discreetly and confidentially to provide a fast financing solution without the distraction of a drawn-out auction process. For business owners who are not seeking full liquidity, we are comfortable being a minority shareholder with limited governance rights. Our incentives are aligned with those of the owner, and unlike other institutional investors, we have great latitude to make exit decisions based on the fundamentals of the business as opposed to the liquidity needs of an institutional fundraising cycle.

Our partnership with business owners begins even prior to the closing of the initial investment. We leverage our experience and network to help the business achieve its full potential. While we are not operators, we have developed a deep network of executives with operational and industry-specific expertise. We readily engage these individuals to serve as board members, fill management positions, recruit talent, make introductions and identify complementary businesses or partnerships. Many of our portfolio companies make strategic acquisitions during the course of our investment and we are actively involved in indentifying acquisition targets, negotiating deal terms, performing due diligence and arranging third party debt financing when necessary. Strategic partnerships have also played a key role in the success of many of our companies and we continually work to facilitate such relationships at the beginning, middle or end of an investment life. We welcome the opportunity to discuss specific ways that we have worked with our portfolio companies, and we're always happy to make introductions directly to these companies so other owners can leverage our network and hear first-hand what we are like as a partner.